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I am Qais, and I take great pleasure in welcoming you to a platform designed to transform your academic journey.


As the topper of KIPS College in 2023, I secured the 2nd position in the Faisalabad board with an outstanding achievement of 1059 marks in FSc. This not only reflects my dedication but also emphasizes the commitment I have toward helping students like you reach their academic goals.


I understand the significance of FSc as a pivotal point in your career. The marks you secure during this phase lay the foundation for your future endeavors. With this in mind, I have meticulously crafted comprehensive notes to guide you through your FSC journey. My mission is to equip you with the resources and insights needed to maximize your marks in exams. I believe that by excelling in your FSc exams, you pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career.


In addition to excelling in FSc, I recognize the importance of the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) in shaping the future of FSc students. Having secured 181 marks in MDCAT, I am well aware of the challenges posed by this crucial examination. Hence, I have developed specialized MDCAT notes that provide a roadmap for achieving exceptional results. By following my MDCAT notes, you can increase your chances of securing admission to your dream college.

At Learning with Qais, it’s not just about notes; it’s about empowering you to reach your full potential. I am committed to being a guiding light in your educational journey, providing support, encouragement, and resources to help you succeed.

Thank you for choosing Learning with Qais. Let’s embark on this educational adventure together, turning aspirations into achievements.

Best Regards, Qais

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