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1st Year Notes of all Subjects PDF Download:

Qais writes the notes of 1st year that include all subjects in pdf, the topper of KIPS College Faisalabad. HE got 1059 marks in FSC and had a 2nd position in FAISALABAD BOARD.  He also got 181 marks in the MDCATNow, he is a student at  King Edward Medical University Lahore.

We know you are looking for 1st Year Notes of all subjects PDF Download Punjab Board. That is why we uploaded the Class 11  notes. These notes are beneficial for those students who do not have much time to write comprehensive notes for themselves.

We provide you the notes of his. The notes from  11th class are very comprehensive. So by following these notes, you will surely get benefits.


We provide Class 11 notes for students.


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11th Class Physics Notes

Class 11 Chemistry Notes

11th Class Biology Notes

Physics Chapters List:

  1. Chapter 1: Measurements
  2. Chapter 2: Scalars and Vectors
  3. Chapter 3: Motion and Force
  4. Chapter 4: Work and Energy
  5. Chapter 5: Circular Motion
  6. Chapter 6: Fluid Dynamics
  7. Chapter 7: Oscillations
  8. Chapter 8: Waves
  9. Chapter 9: Physical Optics
  10. Chapter 10: Optical Instruments
  11. Chapter 11: Heat and Thermodynamics

Chemistry Chapter list:

  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Experimental Techniques in Chemistry
  3. Gases ·
  4. Liquids and Solids
  5. Atomic Structure
  6. Chemical Bonding
  7. Thermochemistry
  8. chemical equilibrium
  9. solutions
  10. electrochemistry
  11. reaction kinetics

Biology chapters list:

  1. Introduction
  2. Biological Molecules
  3. Enzymes
  4. The Cell
  5. Variety of Life
  6. Kingdom Prokaryotae
  7. The Kingdom Protista (or Protoctista)
  8. Fungi
  9. Kingdom Plantae
  10. Kingdom Animalia
  11. Bioenergetics
  12. Nutrition
  13. Gaseous Exchange
  14. Transport

Benefits of 1st Year Notes PDF Download:


  1. Time-Saving: Save valuable study time with our well-organized and targeted notes, allowing you to focus on mastering the material rather than sifting through extensive textbooks.
  2. Improved Retention: The combination of clear explanations, illustrative examples, and topper insights enhances your ability to retain and recall information during exams.
  3. Scoring Edge: Gain a competitive edge with insights from top-performing students. Our notes are designed to help you not just pass but excel in your physics exams.
  4. Convenient Accessibility: The PDF format allows you to access the notes anytime, anywhere, on any device. Study at your own pace and convenience.

In conclusion, our “1st year Notes” provides a holistic and effective approach to mastering physics for 11th-class students. Elevate your learning experience and boost your exam performance with our top-quality notes crafted for success.

KEY FEATURES of class 11 Notes:


  1. Comprehensive Coverage:  Our 1st year notes cover the entire syllabus for the 11th class, ensuring that no topic is left unexplored. From fundamental principles to advanced concepts, we’ve got it all covered.
  2. To-the-Point Explanations: We understand the importance of clarity in learning complex subjects. That’s why our 1st year notes provide concise and clear explanations, making it easier for students to grasp even the most challenging concepts.
  3. Illustrative Diagrams and Examples: Visual aids can significantly enhance understanding of the syllabus.
  4. Topper Insights: Crafted with inputs from top-performing students, our notes incorporate insights and strategies that have proven successful in scoring high marks. Learn from the best and elevate your performance.
  5. Exam-Oriented Approach: .We focus on key topics and frequently asked questions to help students prepare effectively and efficiently.


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