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2nd Year English Essays Notes PDF Download Punjab Board| FSc part 2 Notes


Get maximum marks in physics in your first year with our comprehensive “2nd Year English Essays Notes PDF Download Punjab Board | FSc part 2 Notes.” Aimed at students enrolled in the 12th class under the Punjab Board, these meticulously crafted notes are designed to provide a thorough understanding of the subject. Whether you’re gearing up for exams or striving to excel in your coursework, our FSc part 2 English Essays are your ultimate companion.

These notes are written by Qais, the topper of KIPS College Faisalabad. HE got 1059 marks in FSC and had a 2nd position in FAISALABAD BOARD.  He also got 181 marks in the MDCAT. Now, he is a student at  King Edward Medical University Lahore.

 2nd-year English Essays Notes:




Mobile Phones



Place of Women in our society

Role of Media

My Aim in Life

Is Science is a Curse?

A visit to  a Historical place

My Hero in History

My First Day at College

Village Life

why I Love Pakistan

My Last Day at College 

Technical Education

Allama  Iqbal

My Hobby

  1. Corruption:
    • An exploration of the pervasive issue of corruption, discussing its causes, effects, and potential solutions. It may delve into both political and societal aspects.
  2. Inflation:
    • Examining the economic phenomenon of inflation, its impact on individuals and economies, and potential measures to control or mitigate its effects.
  3. Mobile Phones:
    • Analyzing the ubiquitous presence of mobile phones in modern society, discussing their advantages, disadvantages, and societal implications.
  4. Terrorism:
    • Addressing the global concern of terrorism, exploring its root causes, impact on societies, and efforts to counteract and prevent acts of terror.
  5. Coeducation:
    • Delving into the debate on coeducation, discussing the pros and cons of educating males and females together in the same institutions.
  6. Place of Women in Our Society:
    • Reflecting on the roles and status of women in society, addressing issues of gender equality, empowerment, and the evolving roles of women.
  7. Role of Media:
    • Examining the influence and impact of media in shaping public opinion, disseminating information, and its role in contemporary societies.
  8. My Aim in Life:
    • An introspective essay outlining personal aspirations, career goals, and the steps one plans to take to achieve their life objectives.
  9. Is Science a Curse?:
    • Exploring the dual nature of scientific advancements, discussing both the positive contributions and potential negative consequences of scientific and technological progress.
  10. A Visit to a Historical Place:
    • Narrating a personal experience or historical exploration, sharing insights gained from visiting a place of historical significance.
  11. My Hero in History:
    • Reflecting on and describing a historical figure who has had a profound impact on the writer, explaining the reasons for considering them a hero.
  12. My First Day at College:
    • Recounting the emotions, experiences, and challenges faced on the first day of college, capturing the essence of a significant life transition.
  13. Village Life:
    • Providing a glimpse into the slower-paced and close-knit community life in villages, highlighting the cultural richness and unique aspects of rural living.
  14. Why I Love Pakistan:
    • Expressing personal sentiments and reasons for affection towards one’s homeland, discussing cultural, historical, and patriotic connections.
  15. My Last Day at College:
    • Reflecting on the final moments of college life, reminiscing about experiences, friendships, and the transition to the next phase of life.
  16. Technical Education:
    • Advocating for the importance of technical education, discussing its role in skill development, economic progress, and addressing societal needs.
  17. Allama Iqbal:
    • A biographical essay on Allama Iqbal, delving into his contributions to poetry, philosophy, and his role in the independence movement of South Asia.
  18. My Hobby:
    • Discussing a personal hobby, its significance in the writer’s life, and the joy or skills gained from engaging in that particular activity

BENEFITS of 2nd Year English Essay Notes:


  1. Time-Saving: Save valuable study time with our well-organized and targeted notes, allowing you to focus on mastering the material rather than sifting through extensive textbooks.
  2. Improved Retention: The combination of clear explanations, illustrative examples, and topper insights enhances your ability to retain and recall information during exams.
  3. Scoring Edge: Gain a competitive edge with insights from top-performing students. 
  4. Convenient Accessibility: The PDF format allows you to access the notes anytime, anywhere, on any device. Study at your own pace and convenience.

In conclusion, our “2nd Year English Essays Notes PDF Download Punjab Board ” provides a holistic and effective approach to mastering physics for 12th-class students. Elevate your learning experience and boost your exam performance with our top-quality notes crafted for success.

Unlocking Excellence with 2nd Year English Essays Notes PDF Download Punjab Board

Comprehensive Coverage:

Our notes, available for download in PDF format, encompass the entire spectrum of the 12th-class physics curriculum. From basic principles to advanced topics, you’ll find everything you need to succeed.

Clear and Concise:

We believe in the power of clarity. Our “2nd Year Class English Essays Notes PDF Download Punjab Board” offers clear and concise explanations, making even the most complex concepts easily understandable.

Embark on your journey to physics excellence with our “FSc part 2 English Essays Notes PDF Download Punjab Board.” Download your notes today and experience a new level of success in your 2nd-year Essay studies!

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